Dr. Lawyer


Dr. Lawyer is the name of Joey Goebel’s musical “act.”  More of a recording project than anything else, Dr. Lawyer’s songs have slowly been written and recorded in the last ten years, in-between novels and teaching college English.  Goebel sings and plays most of the instruments, though some numbers feature guest musicians.  Dr. Lawyer’s first LP, COME FAIL WITH ME, is free on YouTube. 


to ky kingdom come 3


From 1996-2001, Joey sang and played guitar for a punk band called the Mullets.  His bandmates were Jason Sheeley (bass) and Justin Hope (drums).  The band played about one hundred shows throughout the Midwest (with Evansville, Indiana being their base) and released two tapes, a seven inch record, and three c.d.’s.  The band had a loyal following in the Tri-state area of Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois, and were known for their high-energy, often comedic performances.
Goebel wrote over one hundred songs for the Mullets, some of them bitter love songs (“Swimmin’ Alone with the Turkeys”), some scoffing at his surroundings—particularly high school (“At the Pep Rally”), some making fun of popular culture (“Intrusive T.V. Neighbors”), and some purely comedic (“At a Flea Market”), though middle American teen angst was the prevailing theme throughout their catalog.


 …to Kentucky Kingdom Come

to ky kingdom come(self-released, 1998)

The Mullets 30-song debut.  Ridiculously fast, snotty yet melodic pop-punk.  Warning: most songs Goebel wrote at sixteen. Hard-core Mulleteers consider this one by far the best.


Typical Stereo

(Higher Step Records, 1999)

typicalFollowing the out-of-print seven-inch EP SIT DOWN MAMMAW, TYPICAL STEREO was recorded at the famed Sonic Iguana and features a big, crisp power-pop sound. Widely regarded by Evansville scenesters as the Mullets’ breakthrough, the album contains crowd favorites “Nacho Cheese,” “Unisex Restroom,” and “Mess You Up.”


forkFork, Knife, Spoon, Shut Up

(Higher Step Records, 2000)

Smarter, stranger, and with a sound all its own, FORK was the Mullets’ last studio LP.  Finally finding the right mixture of their influences (Screeching Weasel, Vindictives, Dead Milkmen, and Adam Sandler), FORK remains Goebel’s favorite Mullets album. 

lets_get_skankyLet’s Get Skanky

(Higher Step Records, 2001)

Released after the band broke up, this is a compilation of unreleased tracks, rarities, and the aforementioned SIT DOWN MAMMAW EP.  Contains crowd favorites “Hey Tony (the Tony Danza Song)” and “Nudie Dancer.”




Novembrists was a short-lived band that stayed together long enough to release one album and play one show.  This was post-Anomalies, pre-Torture.  Goebel again played guitar and sang.  Jr. Bailey and Luke Bickers played bass and drums respectively. The sound is not radically different to the Mullets, but overall darker and more Pixies-influenced.

novIs She Worth a Damn?

(self-released, 2004)